.MouseMove() support?

Looks like AW does not dispatch .MouseMove() at the control or cell levels ...

this code does nothing for me:
oGrid.onControlMouseMove = function (event){...};
oGrid.onCellMouseMove = function(event, col, row){...};

Did I miss something?

Thierry Nivelet (FoxInCloud)
December 17,
AW does not dispatch mousemove events by default. You can still assign event handler directly via setEvent method -


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 23,
Thanks Alex,

We'll implement and report back
Thierry Nivelet (http://FoxInCloud.com/)
December 24,
Hi Alex,

Re-reading your suggestion,

I understand how .setEvent() works at the grid level, not so much at the cell level ... Should I use this?

Thierry Nivelet (http://FoxInCloud.com/)
December 26,

Just tested this in FireFox, nothing happened when moving mouse over the grid control
oGrid.setEvent('onmousemove', function(event){console.log('é');})

Thierry Nivelet (http://FoxInCloud.com/)
December 26,

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