Great but uselss without support for Safari

These tools are really awesome and I would buy it at the current price no problem. However, with Safari at 5% market share, the widgets are basically useless in a real world application. Safari support should not be an 'extra' feature, it should be standard. Otherwise, this is just useless, even though it is extremely cool.
JB McKee
June 11,
Safari 3.0 will be supported.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 11,
Actually Safari is at 1.5% market share. ;)

June 12,
Safari 3.0 beta, is grid not working ...
June 12,
When will Safari support be available? Didn't realize activewidgets didn't support Safari when purchased. Trying to make a decision whether to ditch or not...
June 26,
Safari support will be available shortly after Safari 3.0 release.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 26,
Now the scrollbars don't work in Safari 3, why is this grid so browser sensitive?
October 31,
Turn the question
why are the browsers so sensititve, when it comes to use standards?
why does Microsoft always change standards, just because these standards are not FROM mircosoft?
and so on....
Markus Schostok, Germany
November 2,

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