Android Support?

Hi Alex,

Does the latest version of AW include support for tablets using an Android operating system? or are you aware of any support for Firefox on a Ipad/Iphone?

From what I can understand, you can't use Firefox on Ipads or Iphones. The problem we have is all of our AW development only works 100% on a Firefox platform and therefore the direction of our research for a tablet product is currently pointing at a Android operating system that supports Firefox.

We can use most functions with the tablet, but we cannot edit cells on a grid??

Jez (TTS)
April 30,
We are extremely interested in an android solution also. Any update on when AW might support android?

We're currently registered for version 2.5, but I'd gladly pay for an upgrade if we could get droid support...
May 8,
Yes, AW will support Android at some point, but at the moment I cannot say exactly when. Frankly I am a bit confused what is going on with Android right now. Looks like ICS (version 4.x) still not very popular - the majority of new phones still come with 2.3 and tablets with 3.0. Any opinions?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 11,

It's not that ICS isn't popular, I'm sure everyone with a droid device would love to have it. Carriers and manufactures are being SLOW to implement ICS.

Most new handsets on the market are 2.3.x, and yes, most tablets are at least 3.0.

When a new IOs is released, apple controls the software and hardware, so everyone gets updated.

When google releases anew droid version, the manufactures (HTC, Samsung, etc) still have to tweak the release to work with specific hardware and carrier configurations. Handset models that aren't made anymore probably won't be updated, some old droids are stuck on 1.5/1.6.

As long as you write AW to work with at least 2.1, everything 2.1 forward will work, and that's going to be the bulk of all handsets still on the market today.

Just my $.02

May 23,
Hi Alex,

We have just purchased a tablet using Android 4.1 (nexus 7) and everything looks great but the grid doesn't double click/edit cells and no scroll bars??

This is using Firefox

Any news on the development for this?

Jez (TTS)
August 3,
AW 2.6.1 now works on Android - Chrome and Firefox only. Firefox (as in 16.0.1) does not allow showing/hiding scrollbars on Android - so for now no scrollbars :-(
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 17,
Hi Alex,

This is great News! I will test on Monday

How long for scroll bars???

Jez (TTS)
October 19,

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