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I've just gotten my new, shiny iPad. It runs everything well except AW.

It identifies the browser as "webkit" just like Safari on a computer. Besides the grid control in a previous post not taking click events, the same holds true for buttons.

Some buttons work, other buttons do not or give focus to an adjacent button.

The other controls work well - text box, etc. as far as I've been able to test.

Regarding your comment about not supporting mobile devices, I respectfully, but strongly disagree with your position. I would ask that you re-evaluate your position as mobile devices are taking over and those of us who love AW wish to have our applications work on them.

April 3,
Maybe you are right and its time to re-evaluate mobile device support. Do you have any statistics how many of your users visit your website from a mobile device?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 5,
I am looking to adopt around 100 iPhone/iPad devices for a internal application, ActiveWidgets support would make life much easier. I would not have to code a seperate site just for mobile support.


Erik Dobrie
April 5,

Mobile devices are on the verge of taking over the market. Wired magazine has proclaimed the rise of the mobile device over the notebook computer.

Imagine, in just 1 medical clinic, 50 doctors with all of their information in a device that slips into the pocket of a lab coat! The market is dying for this! Personally, I think the iPhone is too small for many things web, but the iPad is perfectly useable. Last night, I was using it instead of my notebook computer whilst watching TV with my wife.

Given your previous remarks, I'm actively looking at migrating the entire PavukIDF JS engine over to ExtJS. Their controls work perfectly on the iPad and iPhone. This is a lot of work, but necessary for my market.

I urge you to consider your position.


April 10,
Support for mobile devices is needed urgently. Please take a closer look at supporting these devices.

August 25,
Hi, Any news on this matter?


March 25,
Also, is it possible to get some sort of update on v2.5.6 / v3 generally (including IE9 support)?
March 26,
I agree with Bill, its the future.

Our client's are also asking for support, so hoping you can further develop Active Widgets and include the mobile phone support. If not, we also will probably have to migrate to ExtJS.

Could you please let us know what to aspect?
March 31,
I am finishing v2.5.6, which should be ready this week. This is a maintenance release, adding IE9 and FF4 support.

Long term the plan is to produce v3.0 later this year. This will be a major new release, and it will also support touch devices (iOS/Android).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 4,
Keep on this good job
Your product is excellent, I'm sure you'll get the success it deserves
Thierry Nivelet (FoxInCloud)
April 6,

Can you give us an update on your progress on v3 with iOS/Android support?
July 22,

iPhone and ipad is so popular in Hong Kong. I'm waiting for your V3.0, I will buy your products again. thx~
July 28,
I have been using activewidgets every day for over three years developing various internal web applications. I believe the tools flexability and execution speed are it's greatest asset. That being said, maybe Alex should stay focused on ensuring activewidgets works properly on all modern full blown browsers and let other vendors fill the mobile space.

I am not trying to endorse another product but, has anyone ever tried sencha touch? Is it a workable product for mobile devices?
Erik Dobrie
July 29,
Erik, didn't you write this a year ago?

ActiveWidgets support [for iPad] would make life much easier. I would not have to code a seperate site just for mobile support.

I agree 100% with your earlier sentiment.
all my users got iPads on their birthday
August 5,
When I wrote that I was (and still am) gettin pressure from management to access our internal sites wit iPhones and later iPads. I figured it would be nice if activewidgets just "worked" on these devices. I now realize that even if our site worked properly on mobile devices it would be a horrible experience for users becuase of navigation and screen size issues. No matter what I would have to code a seperate interface for mobile devices.

As you navigate the web on your iPhone/iPad/Droid you will see many site redirect you to a mobile version that is designed to only work on mobile devices.

It would be nice if some of the activewidgets controls worken on mobile devices but I do not think all of them should work. I can not think of a screen design on a mobile device that would use a grid and NOT require zooming. For this reason alone I think porting the grid to mobile devices would be a waste of time for Alex.
Erik Dobrie
August 6,

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