# Introduction

ActiveWidgets is a modern multi-framework datagrid component library for the web. It offers excellent performance, modular structure and an easy way to customize and style the components with the goal to keep happy both the developers and end users.

# Modern datagrid

Today's browsers allow multi-threading, GPU acceleration, fine-grained scheduling and many other ways to achieve an exceptional performance. ActiveWidgets 3.0 is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the capabilities of a modern browser and deliver better, faster, less complex and more reliable components.

# Frameworks support

ActiveWidgets goal is to deliver Universal Web Components, which can be used in all popular frameworks as well as raw javascript/html/css, legacy and multi-framework environments.

React Vue Angular Preact Svelte jQuery Javascript HTML

The 'native' components fully utilize the capabilities of the target framework (i.e. rendering, event propagation, developer tools etc.) while being derived from the same codebase and producing exactly the same markup and functionality.

The current release offers

  • 'native' components for React, Vue, Angular and Svelte frameworks
  • pure javascript components for use in traditional (no framework, or legacy) environment
  • HTML custom elements (for AngularJS, lit-html and other frameworks supporting this format)
  • multi-framework support (i.e. AngularJS + React, or Angular + Svelte etc.) in the same app

Other frameworks support is currently in development, so expect the list to grow over time.

# Commercial license

The library is delivered as a mix of open source and commercially licensed code. You have to purchase a commercial license to use ActiveWidgets 3.0 library in your application.