Entry-Form-Validator (comments)

This "girl" needs a nail-clipper :( Someone knows how to remove the header's bottom lines (when hiden) [ .active-scrol-top .active-list-item {borde-bottom: none} ] or whatever ¿¿??
November 29,
Sorry I will post some comments ...later
November 29,
included example valids: (fields-lock / record-level valids )
-Always locks "Ticker" field for edition
-Empty value in "Company Name" not permited for edit/append
-Rows with "employees" greater than 25000 can edit only "$ Sales" and "Status"
-On append validates "Ticker" duplicates values
-"Status"=CLOSED records can not be edited, bu are only records for delete

Also other valid "types" (like chars/formats permited in each field :-) ) could be implemented.
Fields can be hiden by eval('FV' + x + ".setStyle('display', 'none')");
(inside function--> ApplyTemplate() )
But maybe more important, is that can change edit-templates "on the fly" (i.e. same field for different rows could be edited by Inputbox/checkbox or dropdown) [also can change dropdown array-lists "on the fly"]
note: at this point I recommend a single-click-edit-Input-template and all Sudhacker templates with format(num/text/date) and his checkbox thks SR :-)

Things Not Tested (or impossible to do) (with AW objs, but some can be done with "divs"/innerHTM")
multiline editbox
Images (should be possible but not tested)
validation on field-leave (lost focus) (from now and as far as I know not easy)
other not think about........... ;-)

Really apreciate sugestions, comments (wellcome)
November 29,

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