how to manage multiple forms under 1 grid? (problem in mozilla type browsers)

If I Use the tag "<form>" inside a grid (starting <form> on 1 cell, and ending it "</form>" few cell ahead on a row), when it is displayed under any mozilla type browser, the grid doesnt show any data inside of those cells!. It show everything outside the "<form>" tags, but just wher the form starts the cells are blank!

If I use the form tag outside the grid "<form> GRID HERE </form>", it works perfect, but it send all the data of each row of it, and i only need to process one row a time.

This is only problem under mozzila type browsers, under IE it show everithing and works perfect!.

Did someone has any idea to resolve this issue?, I would like to present my code to any browser, and do no limit the code to "IE Only".

Hope anyone can help!


July 27,
Maybe do one form and make a send routine splitting the form data again by means of the id of the form fields for example. To be more of help you need to be a little bit more specific.
John Ophof
July 27,
The problem is this check a line of data for my grid:


The only column with data in the cell is the "nameproduct", the other columns are empty, if I remove the <form> tag from the 2 column and the last one, the data is displayed, but the form is no longer functional!.

And so on as many product I got on the DataBase, under IE i have no problem, the grid is displayed and functional, i dont know why under IE work perfect, but under mozilla, netscape, and firefox i had the problem!

Good idea... to try John...

So i will be in the need to add to the id of each element of my form the row number where it belongs, so this way i will detect wich submit button was used.. and wich data i need to use... and create a split routine to slectthe specific row data!... hard but could work... i´ll try..

Thanx i´ll try it.
July 27,
Yes it work perfect, embedding the grid inside the <form></form> tags, and create a dinamic procedure to process all the data and select only the row to use, it was a little hard butit worked!

August 6,

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