A drop-down Form Template

I try to put my "Form-Validator" into a template, even it runs fine, realized that lot of param need to be passed to it (that's why I'm working on a Data-Environment).

I use default styles (css-file) to reduce the time to load the form, but could be overriden (width, higth, color, and show/hide ).

(But the current sample not include valid-rules (as I wish) like required-field, max-length (in chars) , multi-field valids ... and other )

Also have some inconveniences: (
I was getting strange row selections after (sort while the form is open)
-I was not able to disable and (on save) enable again sorting [in main grid] (inside the template)
-Should disable scrolling too (not try yet).


My main PC crashes, and in my backup machine (AMD600) i am getting responses between 1.5 and 2 seconds to display the form. (not good news), so........
Please test it and tell me your results on this.
March 27,
I update it and solve mayor bugs,
now enables/disables sort and scroll.
this sample (for now) is only for I.E.
March 29,
Hi Carlos!

It's very cool to have a table in web page. I'm working with web app, I'm not expert for the web app. so I have some questions about putting something into a scrolled area. If you could give me some suggestions , I'd really appreciate it.
My question is I want to put a long list into the scrolled area
I use something like
in my.jsp, I have

<% ArrayList selectedValues = getSelectedList();
<tr><td><IFRAME NAME="includeframe" src="selectedList.jsp" width="580" height="160" feameborder=0></td></tr>

but the variable of selectedValues can not pass into selectedList.jsp.

since in selectedList.jsp , I have something like
<% for ( int idx=0;idx < selectedValues.size(); idx++ )
{ %>
<tr><td> <%= selectedValues.get( idx ) %> </td></tr>
<% } %>

but the selectedValues which was defined in my.jsp, and used in selectedList.jsp , couldn't pass compiling.
Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance. my email is gong_x_yan@yahoo.com.

Yan Gong.
Questions for scrolled area.
March 29,
What i am doing in current sample is pass param. (arrays) into a DIV or a SPAN to a template with:
document.getElementById('Temp_Span_Param').value = "myList";

previously creating this SPAN inside the click-event of the grid by:
var SpanPar = document.createElement('span');
SpanPar.id = "Temp_Span_Param";

And then Reading it (inside the template fuction) by:
tmpparam = eval(document.getElementById('Temp_Span_Param').value) ;

But in your case (if not using a template asignment) could be easier but similar (I have same doubts when start JS learning)
local variables could not be readed anywhere, so the trick is asign a property/attribute to an object that can be readable from other parts.

as above (value) of thw object.id = "yournameid" is accesible from anywhere. the next step is to do dinamic values (instead of "value" (static text/array whatever) try asign to it a function) so....
editor.setAttribute("value", function(){
return template.getItemProperty("text");
defines a data collected from other place ...and
reads it
take a look at many grid libraries, they are full of samples like this.

Hope that you can understand fhkeañjdgd ¿¿¿ English and this helps yo (a few)
March 29,

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