Problems with displaying grid in the form

Hi, I am trying to display a grid within a form. It wount show up. If I post the code outside the form it works fine. Is there any trick that I could use to work around?
April 14,
Use CDATA when you post the code inside the form I think it will work fine
April 19,
Thanks a lot! It worked fine.
April 21,
Can you porvide more details, my grid gives javascript errors if inside the form. I need to have form elements inside the grid, how do I get around that? Thanks,
June 7,
What kind of Form elements are you trying to embed in the grid? Why do you think that you need to have the grid inside a <Form>? There are many ways to tackle a problem. What are trying to accomplish?
Jim Hunter
June 11,
This question was asked in two threads. See http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.5341.0/grid-does-not-work-inside.html for the continuation of the <Form> issue.
Jim Hunter
June 11,

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