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I read another post indicating that it took a second to format a line after clicking on it with about 40 rows. I am hoping to use the grid to display about 6000 rows. Am I likely to run into some performance issues selecting and deselecting multiple rows?

Also, are there any examples of using the grid in conjunction with HTML forms to send selected data to other pages?
October 22,
I'm afraid 6000 rows is too much. In this case it would be necessary to implement some sort of paging.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 25,
Alex, you mention that 6000 rows is too much. Out of interest, how many rows do you think would not be too much? 3000? 2000? 1000? Just wondering, as some clients may want to list that many records at once.

October 26,
I found 3000 to be my computers limit
hard wrote the javascript data with pearl
October 26,
heres the link with 6000 data lines
use IE6 with frames
I gave up and turned to perl search methods
October 26,
It all depends how long you are prepared to wait. Lets say it takes 1 second to render 1000 cells (2GHz machine, js array, no client-side formatting). If you take 6000 rows 10 columns each than it is equivalent to 60 seconds in the very best case :-(
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 26,

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