Grid does not work inside a FORM tag

I need to pass in form elements within the cells, but putting a <FORM> tag around the grid causes errors. Any suggestions?

June 7,
What kind of Form elements are you trying to embed in the grid? Why do you think that you need to have the grid inside a <Form>? There are many ways to tackle a problem. What are trying to accomplish?
Jim Hunter
June 11,
What are these "ways"? Many people want to use your grid interface and need form submission; the web is all about dynamic content. We need to update tables as well as display them. When are you planning to implement this code? It's not very useful without this funcitonality, at least not for me. Also, it would be nice if you had a more legible version of your grid.js file so we can attempt to resolve this problem ourselves for now until you create a more robust solution. Thanks.
July 4,
Having the same problem, I have a multi tab page and on one of the tabs I have the form, the submit button is under the tab.
Why or how would I be able to exclude the grid from the form
Meindert Hoving
October 13,
For starters, you do NOT need to have a <FORM> tag in order to use form elements, or to send data to a server. I know this flies in the face of what most books tell you, but it's true. You can place INPUT elements all over your page, no problem. Give them ID's so that you can access thier values later. If you have to 'submit' (don't use a SUBMIT button, use a regular button with an onclick event to call a function) information to the server, create a function that gathers the values from the fields, creates a URL out of the name/value pairs, then use an HTTPRequest (or a dynamic SCRIPT element) to send the information to the server. In everything I just suggested, there never needs to be any FORM tags on the page. All my application does is present data, get data and send data to the server and I don't have any FORM tags anywhere. Everything is done with JavaScript. There is always more then one way to get something done in JavaScript, be creative.

BTW- I do not work for ActiveWidgets and I do not get paid by them. I am a user like everyone else, except I learn by assiting others so I answer as many posts as I can in order to learn faster.
Jim Hunter
October 13,
First of all thanks for the quick reply;

I'm using the Struts framework on my server side and that doesn't allow me to use straight html tags to bind my java beans.

I guess I've got to reinvent the wheel on this page and hardcode the stuff that struts normaly takes care of for me. (data binding and session handling , the session handling is quite cool. Struts will figure out if the client has cookies or not and then stores the sessionid in the most appropiate way)
October 14,
Has any one come up with a solution for this problem - ie has anyone changed the source or has a more recent version solved this problem.

Can someone explain to me why is the form tag needed for a javascript app and are there any alternatives - like the div tag??
Thanks Andrew
February 25,
No, I don't see any need for the FORM tag, I never use them. But it looks like the Struts framework locks you into using it for some apparent reason, who knows why...
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 27,
I use Struts quite a bit and the grid works perfectly fine when encapsulated within a form tag.

Can you please be more specific as to what the problem is?

Make sure you are not using beta versions of either framework and try posting some sample code.
February 28,
A FORM tag will be needed for INPUTs if you need to support older browsers such as Netscape 4. Without the FORM tag, INPUTs won't be visible. Though your AJAX webpage may not work with Netscape 4 anyways, unless if you are supporting a graceful degradation experience for people using older browsers.

A FORM tag is also needed if you want the INPUT entries to be preserved with the browser back button, when for example, the user clicks on a link and then clicks back to return to that page.
Nathar Leichoz
November 21,

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