Better Support Forum Needed


As a fellow developer, I know how busy we always are, but I would like to put a call in for a more up-to-date support forum that, amongst other things would allow edits of posts, registration and then notification of replies to my thread, forum-related private mail, and better segregation of threads (such as separate v1/v2 forums, etc...). Better indexing (currently too "exact string" for real searching) and RSS would be cool too. Something like vBulletin, CommunityServer or phpBB are, of course, good examples and there are more.

The current mechanism you have is more like a blog comment system than a real support forum. I find it frustrating at times.

This could help alleviate some lack-of-documentation issues I think exist with your product.


- alphadog
Paul Tiseo
April 20,
Yes, I am planning to add optional registration with email notification of replies. Better searching as well.

RSS is already there (see the last box in the right column on the message list page), separate for each v1/v2/off-topic/all messages.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 20,
Missed the RSS link as I do not often scroll down. Thanks.
Paul Tiseo
April 20,

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