9th of September and no Beta in sight

I bet Alex would make alot more money with this project if he kept to his own release dates and schedule
September 9,
Microsoft is doing fine and they have no regard for any release date whatsoever..... ;)

I think Alex is doing a great job
Neil Craig
September 9,
Alex might be doing a great job (not saying that he doesn't)

But Microsoft sits there... dedicated to one specific task at a time. Unfortnately this dude has a day job or "life".

As I said, if he managed this project a bit better and actually released when he said he would. Then he'd get more people paying for this.

Which in turn would mean he could quit his day job and work on this full time.
September 9,
did you bother to read the 2.0 info page!!!!

The public beta is expected in the end of September 2005 and final release in October-November 2005.

note the word END there :)
September 9,

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