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Hi Alex,
I have a bit of an issue with performance. Initially I began using the grid to combat scrolling issues I was having however my screen does contain 40 rows by 35 columns which is alot of data.
It can take a good 10 seconds before the grid actually displays its data.
I'm guessing that its populating and drawing the grid is taking the time due to the enormous amount of data.
Is there anyway of loading the grid with enough data to display one screen and let the rest of the data load afterwards therefore reducing the display time of the initial screen.
Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated..
Thanks a mil........
April 9,
Hi Jack,
I am planning to have incremental loading/display at some point, but it is not done yet. There is a simple paging prototype in /patches/paging1.htm - maybe this can help.

On my 1.7GHz PC 40 columns by 40 rows takes 1.3 sec, so maybe there is something you can optimize. There are three parts in the process - produce HTML string by JS code, send it to the browser by document.write (parsing time), wait until browser shows the page and returns to the interactive state (rendering time).

The parsing is normally the fastest part, string composition may be slow if you do a lot of processing (i.e. number formatting or complex XPath), and rendering is sometimes slow if the grid is inside complex page layout. So you need to find first where your problem is.

Here is the code I was using to get these numbers:

var obj = new Active.Controls.Grid;

obj.setColumnProperty("count", 40);
obj.setRowProperty("count", 40);
obj.setDataProperty("text", function(){return "some text"});

var t1 = new Date();
var s = obj.toString();

var t2 = new Date();

var t3 = new Date();

var t4 = new Date();
window.status = (t2-t1) + " " + (t3-t2) + " " + (t4-t3);

}, 0);

I have 460 220 650
- 460ms javascript string
- 220ms parsing (document.write)
- 650ms rendering
Total 1.3 sec
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 9,
Any progress in having an incremental loading/display so that the initial 40 or so rows can appear while the rest of the grid is being loaded in the background?
George Belardo
April 14,
Same question as above...bump.
May 10,
No, nothing yet....
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 11,
i want to popup frame like wndows find(ctrl+f)that search the string in the web.thanks
May 28,
I'm experimenting with one of the demo scripts - the one for reading in a CSV file - and, in principle, I've got it working. However I've tried it with a large file (about 5000 records) and my PC goes into 100% CPU utilization for a couple of minutes each time I display the page or sort it by a different column. Am I just asking too much of this approach to displaying data on the web?
November 10,
Bill. 1.0 will not handle that many rows well, use 2.0 and your issues will go away.
Jim Hunter
November 10,
Thanks Jim - I'll try the beta version.
November 10,
2.0.3 is awfully slow on scrolling, when done by slider, but works fine when done by them arrows..

And selection, for some reason - takes forever to get processed..
January 13,
You must be talking about FireFox 1.5. I have seen some slowness in FF 1.5 with IE being much faster. This is something that Alex is working on (I think). Have a little patience, things are going to improve. Remember, we are still in beta right now. If you have never beta tested a program before, this is typical. Things get better the closer to release you get. And since FF was recently added to the compatability list, it will take a couple of versions to get the speed up.
Jim Hunter
January 13,

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