Firefox 1.5 beta 1 problems

Someone may want to let the mozilla folks know that in FF 1.5 beta, all column headers appear as horizontal scroll bars. Has anyone else seen this?

Mark Panahi
September 9,
This has already been reported and there is a work around I think try doing a search on deerpark
September 9,
Yes this already has been reported but no work arround for FF 1.5 beta yet. Nothing found in the forum.

Alex: please have a look at this! Thank you!
September 9,
Yes, please, have a look at this!!
September 11,
I am aware of this problem:


Here is the temporary fix:

.active-grid-row.gecko, .active-box-normal.gecko {
overflow-y: visible;

I will include this (or something similar) into ActiveWidgets after Mozilla 1.8/Firefox1.5 is released (but not before that). I don't want to add workarounds for the browser bugs when the browser is still in beta because any such workaround involves some risk of breaking existing applications.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 11,
Thank you Alex!

The patch ist working!

I just wanted to know if a fix will be available for version 1.0.1 of the grid and not just version 2.0.

Go ahead with 2.0!
September 13,
I think alex meant that there is a fix but it is a work around for a bug in mozilla so it won't be included unless mozilla is released like that then he will have to include the patch in the normal distribution
September 13,

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