Totally unclear

It remains totally unclear to me even after examining the example how to insert an image into a cell.

I see most other posters do not understand it, either.

A small alkthrough would be much appreciated.
July 4,
It's real simple

The content of each cell is the inner HTML of it. So, to add an image, you make the text of the cell something like

"<img src='img/somepic.gif'>"
Adrien de Croy
July 4,
Nope. That doesn't work. The cell will contain the text of the tag, not the image.
July 6,
The reference manual states:

obj.setRowProperty("images", array);

That leaves me with some questions. What *exactly* does the array specify? Certainly not the path to the image. From what I can glance from the example it appears to specify a style. However, I am unclear how exactly a relationship is set.
July 6,
If the answer given above does not work in your environment, you'll have to give more information. It does work as explained by Adrien.
August 15,

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