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I wrote that little part of script. Actually i didn't deep search in forum but i hope can anyone help me. I want realtime refresh for result. How can do that?

obj.total = function (column){
var rows = 0;
for (i = 0; i < obj.getRowProperty("count"); i++) {
rows += obj.getDataProperty('value', i, column);
document.getElementById("total" + column.toString()).innerHTML = rows;
Sinan Keskin
September 14,
what do you exactly want to do?.. get all indexes of selected rows and place it in a textbox in your document?.. please clarify..
anonymous me
September 15,
I want total of all rows in selected column and place in a div. But when the value is changed it must be change itself.
Sinan Keskin
September 16,

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