Keep the row No1 with the header when scrolling(always want to see line1)

i just want to keep the line 1 always on the top of my grid when im scrolling like the header can someone know how i can do that ??

my line one is a line of total and all people using this page want to see it everytime when scrolling down

Thank lot
October 7,
yes, this is possible in 2.0 beta, look in /examples/quickref/grid.htm

You can also have your totals line fixed in the bottom of the grid (footer) if you like.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 7,
thank you but is it possible in 1.0 too?

and is the 2.0 version work as fine as the first one ?
October 7,
Fixed rows are not possible in 1.0, they are new to 2.0 only. Download 2.0 and play with it, you are going to find that it is much better then 1.0 and I am a huge fan of 1.0. There are more widgets in 2.0, the grid is faster and there is much less code to write to create/support the 2.0 widgets.
Jim Hunter
October 7,

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