secure server (https) and Mozilla

I can get the examples/grid/basic.htm to work on a non-secure server, but not on a secure server (https:// -- Netscape Websphere). Are there any known problems with this?

In my web research, it looks like the pre-fetch LINK command cannot have a secure (https) link. This is for Mozilla firefox only -- appearantly this is not the case for IE.

Is this a limitation of ActiveWidgets? That it cannot be used in FireFox on a secure server?

Steve Ruegsegger
March 31,
Here's how I answered my own question.

Firefox (1.0.2) would not properly display the Grid when I used
<LINK href=https://server/...rutime/styles/xp/grid.css ...>

However, if I put the CSS on a non-secure server,
<LINK href=http://server2/...runtime/styles/xp/grid.css ...>

It worked fine.

April 5,
Steve, I am glad that it works but it looks very strange. Did you find any documentation which can explain this?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 5,
I think its related to this:


April 6,

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