Symantec Internet Security breaks active grid?

We bought a commercial licence of activegrid to use in our product, and some of our customers ran into a problem.

When they try to view pages with the ActiveWidgets Grid (1.0.1), it shows a blank spot where the grid is supposed to be. After some searching what could be causing it we noticed it was Symantec's "Internet Security" that caused the problems.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ways to work around it being blocked? Or should we tell our customers to not use "Internet Security" ? :-)
September 16,
No one have any ideas? :-|
September 17,
I don't why Symantec's "Internet Security" blocks the grid script. I guess it might be because the script by coincidence matches the signature of one of the viruses (?). I have noticed something similar at one location - 1.0.0 was working fine, 2.0 alpha is fine but 1.0.1 does not appear at all.

I don't know anything about Symantec's product at the moment but I think it should have something like 'white' list of trusted content and it might be possible to add AW grid there locally at each client :-(.

Another possibility is trying to find which part of the code triggers blocking (dividing script by 2 in each attempt) and modify this part (for example adding some spaces or line breaks).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 17,
Try getting your clients to view it off your webserver. IE also blocks "active content" that runs on your local drive.
September 17,
Kosie: it is a webserver served content, so its not a "IE blocks local active content" kind of thing (Symantec Internet Security only problem :-)

Alex: I recieved your email, once i'm at my work again (monday morning :-) I'll check your sugestion out, thanks for the reply!
September 17,
This is something I've seen with a number of commercial products. ComponentArt just had the same problem with their grid - it ran extremely slowly when Virus Scanning was on. Not sure what they had to fix to get around the issue.
September 19,
Chris, post the URL of the page that is having the problem and we can look at it to see if it is Symantec or ??? I use Symantec Internet Security at home and have not had any problems. Post a URL and we can get to the bottom of it.
Jim Hunter
September 20,

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