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I realize that there is no current ability to easily print the grid itself. However, I am seeing some odd behavior when I attempt to print the entire Web page using File/Print. This is in an ASP, with a css link that provides a header and footer look/feel and information. I have coded the grid to expand to however large it needs to be based on the row count like so:

if aGridRowCount > 0 then
DynGridHeight = (((aGridRowCount + 1) * 18) + 30)
.active-controls-grid {height: <%response.write(DynGridHeight)%>px; width: 100%; font: menu;}
<%elseif aGridRowCount = 0 then%>
.active-controls-grid {height: 60px; width: 100%; font: menu;}
<%end if%>

If 25 records match the search criteria, the grid shows all 25 and File/Print works fine, showing the header, the grid contents, and the footer. If 55 recs match, the grid looks fine showing all 55 in the browser but File/Print prints only the last 20 and they are overlaid on top of the page footer. And, in a test, I manually set the grid to 2000px - again, the page looks normal for 25 or 55 recs in the browser, but now when you use File/Print no records at all appear. I have confirmed it is not any of our settings that cause this, and I believe it is in the collection of css files associated with the grid itself.

Any ideas on where I should look or how I can get around this? Thanks!

Frank Moriarty
February 17,

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