Strange behavior on large data sets

On large data sets, I have to do this:

[snipped code before...]
setTimeout('obj.refresh()', 0);

I run the control inside a table cell that is configured so as to stretch automatically to the page size, minus a logo I have at the top. (not sure if you understand what I mean). On large data sets, the grid IS THERE, but I have to resize the window to make it appear.... (or manually refresh it using the code above.)

January 6,
I guess you keep the default setting for the grid width and height as 100%. Try first to change that to fixed size:

.active-controls-grid {
width: 300px;
height: 200px;

If the grid works fine with fixed size - then the possible explanation of the strange behavior is the following:

grid needs to know the size of the container element to adjust its size. The table cell cannot tell its size until the content is fully rendered - takes a long time with the large dataset. I see two possible solutions:
a). to fix the table cell size upfront using CSS (table-layout: fixed) or DIV with absolute positioning
b). add the grid after the cell size is available, for example
window.onload = function(){cell.innerHTML = obj}

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 6,
I was thinking about the cell.innerHTML = obj.. However, my setTimeout('obj.refresh()', 0); hack seems to work fine so I am happy. I had to feed the JS through a beautifier. I was getting a headache trying to make any sense out of the compacted version.. lol.
January 7,

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