Active Widgets 1.0.0 vs 2.6.4

We are using Active Widgets.1.0.0 in our application.This wversion is not compatible with IE and Chrome newer versions.So, if we want to use Active Widegets 2.6.4, is this backward compatible.Basically, it has grid.js in 1.0.0 but in the 2.6.4. it has aw.js. Some of the onjects are not available in aw.js.For example Active.Controls.Grid is not in the aw.js.Any work around if we want to use 2.6.4 ?
Murali Ayyagari
March 25,
AW 2.x is not backwards compatible with 1.0. It is not just the class names - the API and functionality are very different.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 25,
Thanks for the confirmation.
Murali Ayyagari
March 28,

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