Help, Active Widgets Un-usable for Web Apps!

Hi All,

Having a problem where by the memory usage in both IE 6, IE 7 and FF keeps increasing when viewing pages with Active Widgets controls on them.
An exmaple is if you go to "http://www.activewidgets.com/grid/" and then goto "http://www.activewidgets.com" and use the back and forward buttons, the memory again keeps going up and up.

As my web app has multiple items on some pages ie 2 or 3 grids and/or buttons, after about 15-20 minutes of use, it becomes so slow its un-usable and the browser has to be closed and users have to log back in.

Is there a fix for this or recommendations as this problem is currently making may web app un-usable for any period of time.

Have done some research on this and tried minimising browser to release memory which only works very tomporarily, there seems to be a lot of documentation on this issue with some possible fixes. Does anyone know if the following can be applied within AW? http://novemberborn.net/javascript/event-cache



July 25,
What you describe looks like a memory leak and its quite difficult to give any simple advice in this case. Memory leaks occur because the javascript garbage collector cannot release groups of objects with circular references when the group contains both javascript objects and COM/ActiveX objects (i.e. DOM nodes). I would recommend to comment out the functions in your application until you find which one creates memory leak and then analyze the code. Typical problem is keeping references to DOM nodes in your javascript code, especially in event handlers. Normally I would advice to set any DOM node reference to null as soon as it is no longer needed.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 26,
Indeed. I have found that if the code is leaking, it is most likely not AW, but rather coding error.
July 27,
Hi All,

To all Active Widgets people reading this.

I am eating a very large slice of humble pie here as Alex is correct in that there are no leaks on AW. I traced the leak to a drop down date selectore I was using. After changing to a different date selector, all is fine again.

Many thanks to Alex and users for all your help on this.

August 8,

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