Active Widget with AJAX


Can we integrate AJAX with Active Widget?

Using Active Widget Grid we are displaying data, if i want to pull the data to the user then i have to use AJAX. Can we use both at a time?

Aruna Velpuri
June 23,
Active Widget has the AW.HTTP.Request, which encapsulate the HTTPXmlRequest, which is the heart of AJAX. Any way Active Widget is a AJAX toolkit, it let you use AJAX in a very easy way
Rene Davila
June 23,
Yep, active widgets rulez, u can do everything u want :-)
example http request
var theUpdateTable = new AW.XML.Table;    
theDate = new Date(); // force, dont want cache
theUpdateTable.response = function(xml) {
Paulo Cesar Silva Reis (PC from Brazil).
June 23,
Tell me your kidding. We just built our own AJAX function library to pretty much do exactly this.

Alex, the documentation issue is really killing this product. The product itself is fantastic, but if nobody can figure out how to USE the damn thing, its useless.

The almost complete lack of documentation would be the number one obstacle to use recommending this product to any of our clients.

June 25,
Could you elaborate more clearly on the same.
Aruna Velpuri
June 26,

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