Active widgets grid + jscalendar

I have the AW grid on a page along with the jscalendar, which is called from a form within the same page. However, in both IE and Firefox when the calendar pops up, it is stretched the width of the screen...Is there possibly a CSS conflict cause I can't seem to find out what is happening.
Adam Liebergen
May 16,
Adam Liebergen
May 17,
I am having the same problem. Need help.
san diego user
June 6,
Same problem here also - my failure is that the calendar does not work at all. I am running AW version 1 not 2
June 7,
There was a long topic about AW 1.0 and jscalendar with a solution in the middle (May 18, 2005) -


I'll check why it goes to 100% wide with AW 2.0.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 7,

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