putting the aw.ui.input into aw.ui.group


i'm trying to put couple of AW.UI.Input elements into a AW.UI.Group with followed code; but i guess there is something wrong that i do...

actually i moved the objects into a groupBox, but i cant focus into the object typed "AW.UI.Input"

please tell me what is the wrong ?

        <script src="shared/aw/lib/aw.js"></script>
        <link href="shared/aw/styles/xp/aw.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>
            #SearchFrame {width:100%}

    <body scroll="no">
        <table width=100% height=100% >
                <span id="SearchFrame">
                    <span id="SearchFrameTable">
                    <Table cellspacing=5>
                        <Tr><Td>Dc Code          <Td><span id="Txt_Cod"></Span>
                         <Td>Contract Type    <Td><span id="Txt_Typ"></Span>
                         <Td>Vendor           <Td><span id="Txt_Vnd"></Span>
                        <Tr><Td>Currency         <Td><span id="Txt_Cry"></Span>
                         <Td>Legal Check No   <Td><span id="Txt_Lno"></Span>
                         <Td>Status           <Td><span id="Txt_Sta"></Span>
                        <Tr><Td>Possiblle Agent  <Td><span id="Txt_Agt"></Span>

            function createElement(Type, Name, Text, Image, ToolTip){
                var Obj;
                switch (Type){
                    case 'BTN':    Obj = new AW.UI.Button;     break;
                    case 'LBL':    Obj = new AW.UI.Label;      break;
                    case 'CHK':    Obj = new AW.UI.CheckBox;   break;
                    case 'TXT':    Obj = new AW.UI.Input;      break;
                    case 'PWD':    Obj = new AW.UI.Password;   break;
                    default:    return false;
                    if ((ToolTip!='') && (ToolTip!=undefined)) {setControlTooltip(ToolTip);}
                return Obj;

            var Txt_Cod = createElement('TXT', 'Txt_Cod','');
            var Txt_Typ = createElement('TXT', 'Txt_Typ','');
            var Txt_Vnd = createElement('TXT', 'Txt_Vnd','');
            var Txt_Cry = createElement('TXT', 'Txt_Cry','');
            var Txt_Lno = createElement('TXT', 'Txt_Lno','');
            var Txt_Sta = createElement('TXT', 'Txt_Sta','');
            var Txt_Agt = createElement('TXT', 'Txt_Agt','');

            var innerHTML = document.getElementById("SearchFrameTable").innerHTML;
            var group1 = new AW.UI.Group;
                group1.setControlText("Search Criteries");
                group1.element().innerHTML += innerHTML;
Serkan Eksi
June 13,
the same code works in firefox but does not in IE7 !!!
Serkan Eksi
June 14,

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