How do I put an image on the right side of the button ?


I need a button with arrows on the right side of it, so text is aligned on the left. How do I do that? if I use setControlImage it puts it on the left side

December 18,
This one seem to work in IE and FF -

#myButton .aw-item-box {direction: rtl; text-indent: 0px; padding-left: 10px}


    var obj = new AW.UI.Button;


    obj.setControlText("Some text");


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 19,
This creates a button with text followed immediately by the image with no spaces, but what actually I am looking for is an image like one in wizards:

e.g. like this

[ Administration >> ]

which means that image is alighen on the right side and text on the left side. Is that possible to achieve ?
December 19,
sorry I meant ALIGNED in my previous post. also it deleted my spaces, I should have put NBSP instead. but anyway if you recall windows buttons with arrows ">>" you will understand what I mean by alignment

December 19,

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