It is possible to put align Left, Center or Right......


Now i have problem with formating of each cell. I want to put different align of text(Left, Center or Right) to each cell of datagrid. Unfortunately, it doesnt work.
Have anyone knows how to solve this problem ?

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July 17,
define a style:
.aw-column-0 {text-align: center;}
.aw-column-1 {text-align: right;}
.aw-column-2 {text-align: center;}
July 17,
Thanks for your reply!

But it is not what i want. I will list my purpose as the following:
- I take the data from database to display on the browser
- All taken data are ranged into row and column as grid
- Then, in each cell of grid, I need to format data's displaying in different ways. For example :
first row and first column : display data on the left
second row and first column : display data on center
third row and first column : display data on right
............. so on.

Anyone know how to do so?

July 17,
he answered correctly and I posted a reply basically saying the same thing in the other post.

create your grid, set your Id, use the style to do the rest.
July 18,
Great answer Raj, but I was looking for to create it through the javascript for example ....

for(the length of columns)
obj.getColumnTemplate(i).setStyle("align", "right");

This gives me specific code for the grid I use in this page other than setting it globally.
August 25,
obj.getColumnTemplate(i).setStyle("text-align", "right");
August 25,

obj.getColumnTemplate(i).setStyle("text-align", "right");

isn't working for me....firefox says that method getColumnTemplate isn't defined, i'm using version 2.0.0

Any other solution...?
Gabriel Ricci da Silva
October 16,

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