getControlText() of AW.UI.INPUT is not working in IE

Dear all,

I am using AW.UI.Input in a form to get user value, but I am unable to
get the text entered in that using getControlText () function for it.

This is working in Firefox, but not in IE.

Nahalingam N. Kanakavel
January 17,
I've been using getControlText with AW.UI.Input with no problems.

Can you post your (relevant) code?
January 17,
Hi Dmitry,

First of all I would like to thank you for reply.

Here is the code that I am using for Input controls.

var Text2 = new AW.UI.Input;
Text2.setStyle ('top', '50px');
Text2.setStyle ('left', '160px');
Text2.setStyle ('width', '150px');
Text2.setStyle ('height', '20px');
Text2.setControlText ('default values');
page.push (Text2);

Actually I am using this with tab control, so that I am using page
to hold all widgets and insert page into the container object.

I am creating some running number of text boxes dynamically and
getting its values when Submit button's onClick event.

I am getting values like this

value = Text2.getControlText ();

plz check this and guide me...

thanks in advance..
Nahalingam N. Kanakavel
January 18,
in javascript context is very important, so it's hard to tell what's wrong with your calls without seen in what contexts they are being made. You'd need to post your complete code. Try to simplify it as much as possible, though.
January 19,

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