# Svelte Svelte

ActiveWidgets offers 'true' Svelte components in @activewidgets/svelte package.


This package requires dependencies under ⚠️ FREE TRIAL/COMMERCIAL license. You have to purchase a license for each developer in your team before including this package in your application.

# Installation

Add @activewidgets/svelte to your project dependencies -

> npm i --save @activewidgets/svelte

# Usage

Now you can import ActiveWidgets component classes -

import { Datagrid } from "@activewidgets/svelte";

and use them like any standard Svelte component.


import { Datagrid } from '@activewidgets/svelte';
import './styles.css';

let rows = [
    { message: 'Hello, World!' }


<Datagrid {rows} />

Live example | Source on github | Edit on Codesandbox

# Data properties

You have to provide columns and rows properties to the datagrid to show some data. The properties of each column object define how the data will be rendered -

  • field - where the cell data comes from (string|function)
  • header - column header (string|object)
  • width - column width (number, in pixels)
  • align - cell text alignment (left|right|center)
  • format - number/date format (string|function)
  • fixed - fixed (true/false) for columns on the left or right side

The style (string|object) or className properties allow to change the styling of the column and cell elements.

// ...

const columns = [
  {header: 'Code', field: 'customerID', width: 80, style: 'background:#def', fixed: true},
  {header: 'Company Name', field: 'companyName', width: 160},
  {header: 'Contact', field: 'contactName', width: 120},
  {header: 'Title', field: 'contactTitle', width: 120},
  {header: 'Address', field: 'address', width: 120, align: 'right'}

const rows = northwind.customers;


<Datagrid {columns} {rows} />

Live example | Source on github | Edit on Codesandbox

# User events

In addition to the standard DOM keyboard and mouse events the datagrid emits composite mouse event which makes it easier to find the elements affected by the user action -

// ...

function onMouse({row}){
    alert(`row ${row.key} clicked!`);


<Datagrid {columns} {rows} on:mouse={e => onMouse(e.detail)} />

Live example | Source on github | Edit on Codesandbox