# rows (property)

The rows property provides the data to display in datagrid rows.

Type Description
number Number of rows
string URL - requires options
array Data array
promise Resolves to number/string/array
function Returns any of the above

Use an array of objects (records) to assign the rows data -

const rows = [
      "customerID": "ALFKI",
      "companyName": "Alfreds Futterkiste",
      "contactName": "Maria Anders",
      "contactTitle": "Sales Representative",
      "address": "Obere Str. 57"
      "customerID": "ANATR",
      "companyName": "Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados",
      "contactName": "Ana Trujillo",
      "contactTitle": "Owner",
      "address": "Avda. de la Constitucion 2222"