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i have been able to insert data dynamically through javascript, but now the case I need the first data that is inserted to be in row 1.. but instead if i add more row, the data will replace , like

1st data - hello
2nd data - bye

the order should be

row 1 - hello
row 2 - bye

but now its like

row 1 - bye
row 2 - hello.. and so on..
can anybody help me?
November 24,
Are you using JavaScript arrays for your data? If so, it sounds like you are replacing the contents of row 1 data, not inserting a new row. You need to Google on JavaScript Arrays to see the exact procedures for inserting data into an array. If you are still having issues, post a code snipit of your insert routine and we can take a look at it.
Jim Hunter
November 28,

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