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This issue of not being able to reliably use the grid inside of an HTML table has become a real problem. This is truly going to limit the usefullness of the control in my application, since tables are used everywhere. Alex, what are the plans to correct this issue? Obviously, it won't be corrected for the official 2.0 release tomorrow, but I need some kind of idea when it will be addressed. Please don't misinterpret - I think the grid and entire library are excellent and already own a commercial license. Just need some direction on this one.

February 7,

I agree that this is a very serious issue. In most cases it could be solved if you add style="table-layout:fixed" to the table tag. But there are cases where it does not help. If you have one of those could you please send me an example of your page. I have to do more research as I don't know the solution at the moment.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 8,
Alex, I emailed you a modified version of "xml - simple.htm" and "companies-simple.xml" from the 2.0 download. The slight modifications (putting the grid in a table cell, and bumping up the row count in the xml file to around 600 records) reproduce the bug for me consistently. Good luck!
February 8,

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