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I, too, recommended that documentation be written for this "product".
I sent an email to Alex and discussed the option of my partner and I writing the documentation. I am a Software Engineer of over 20 years and she is a Technical Writer with as many years. We have written documentation for Bay Networks (now Nortel), Kurzweil Intelligence, a host of communications and tele-communications companies. I, currently am developing a web-based network management portal for a private school. She is currently editing and writing for a premier Information Technology magazine. We have the talent, experience and systems perspective. We recommended that several documents should be written. A User Guide for those users who want to get started right away. A Developers Guide for those users who want to know the verb/API interface and want to know how to add functionality and a pure Reference Guide , cleanly organised which, provides much of the information on the site.
March 2,
Even just elaboration to the existing API docs would suffice. No need to go corporate on us. No need for AW for dummies. Just would be nice to see exactly what a function does, ie. example, instead of just the call and leave the mind to wonder what happens next.
March 2,
There is no difference here between user and developer, really. Non-developers don't really have a use for building from this toolkit.

A full reference guide would be completely sufficient for us, complete with method names, arguments, return types, error conditions.
March 2,

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