Loading Data through PHP


First of all Thanks a lot for your great work.
& Congratulations to all who are using the Alex's great work as someone is making someone to go nuts through the quality of his/her work.

I went through the example to load data from the PHP,
Instead it didn't loaded the data but the whole grid.

I would like to use the activewidgets v2.0 library but
couldn't find any example to load data from the PHP in new version(2.0).

Activewidgets fascinated me so much that I have started redeveloping my web based application(a completed one) using it. but failed to do so at some parts.......

Adding/Editing/Deleting Data is OK. but how to transfer data
from PHP to Javascript in the required format which Grid understands here it is 2-Dimensional Array.

I do not want to transfer the whole script which is creating as well as
loading grid as is done in the file "activewidgets.php"
I just want to transfer data from server-side to client-side(PHP=>JS).

I need it utmost. Anyone plz help...
Ritesh Jagga
November 22,

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