Headers loading ahead of cell data

Hi Alex,

Header data is loading ahead of cell data.
In earlier version(AW 2.0.2) header data and cell data used to load simultaneously.
But in new version AW 2.5.5 both are loading individually.

Can you please help me in loading both header data and cell data simulataneously?

Please help me it's urgent.
***Currently using trail version, looking forward for your solution or there is any difference between trail version and licensed version.
March 28,

Cyrus...i don't think it is problem with free/licensed.
Even we are also facing same problem.

Please help us, waiting for the solution.

We have tried evrything not able to do, kindly provide us the solution.
March 28,
There is no difference between trial and licensed version.

This behavior is by design. The grid initially renders all headers to determine the column widths and decide how many columns of data it has to render to fill the screen (in virtual mode). After that it renders actual data.

Could you please tell me why this is not acceptable behavior?

As a possible fix I can suggest hiding the grid with visibility:hidden and unhide when the data is ready.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 28,
Hi Alex,
Thanks for that response.
Can you please share that fix to hide/unhide grid so as to show header data and cell data at onetime?

March 29,
Hi Alex,

Nice to hear that from you, but our client is habituated to earlier implementation.
In earlie version Active widgets 2.0.2 we used to get Header data and cell data simultaneously.

So, Kindly post the fix suggested by you to fix it in Active widgets 2.5.5, which will be a greater help to us.

And can the licensed users get any extra support, as we are finding difficult to reach you ?

March 29,

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