Data dissapears when grid is is inside a div


I have my grid inside s hidden DIV.

when I make visible the DIV, the data inside the grid inmediately dissapears !. but the data is there, because if I click the column header for indexing, the data becomes visible again.

So, what's causing this problem ???

Ths problem is really driving me crazy for almost a week.
September 18,
I have the same problem. Any Idea ??
September 18,
Does this problem related to CSS ??
September 18,
A found this info from other post :

This is a bug in AW 2.0.1 - the grid does not initialize properly inside display:none div.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Sunday, July 9, 2006

By the way, is there a fix for this problem. ?
September 18,
Suffering similar problems myself.

Managed to get round the issue by using visibility:hidden instead of display:none. Bear in mind that changing visibility will leave an empty space behind whereas display:none collapses the deallocated space.
September 20,
try manually obj.refresh() when grid turn visible.
September 20,
This point is that I'm using a the tab widget from dojo, and display:none is neccesary.

and about the refresh(), the only way to make it work is to invoke the method with setTimeout() , because doing it inmediately doesn't work, and that's not an optimal solution.

My situation is that I can see the grid, but empty !. Only after indexing a column, or explicitly using the refresh (e.g. onclick event, etc) I can bring the data to the grid.

This bug needs urgent attention, because web 2.0 javascript widgets and toolkits, use a lot of hidden layers.
September 20,
OH, I'm facing the same problem. Still looking for a solution...
September 27,
I'd like to recommend ActiveWidgets to a major client, but this bug would definately be a deal breaker. Any chance of a fix coming soon?
October 18,
Any fix for this???
April 10,
Yes, this issue is fixed in AW 2.0.2 (grid initialization problems inside display:none block).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 10,

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