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I've a scrollable datagrid and if a particular row is selected, the details of the selected row is displayed below the grid. So, everytime the row is selected, the page is refreshed. How do I control the scroll bar so that when a page is reloaded, the selected row is remembered and displayed at the top of the grid without having to scroll down.
March 28,
I am planning to expose scroll/top scroll/left properties for the grid control. Should be available soon.

(same as http://www.activewidgets.com/messages/792-1.htm )

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 28,
I have same need as Naing above. Does anyone know if this is possible yet?

Thanks very much.
December 10,
Have these been exposed yet?
January 27,
Hi Alex,

Have you implemented this yet?

It would be a very handy feature.


P.S. I love your work. Great Stuff.
June 22,

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