Remove vertical scroll bar

I am trying to remove the bar from ie and mozilla I am using below but mozilla just ignores it am I missing somthing here?

overflow-y: hidden;
overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical;
July 5,
Maybe you should use -moz-scrollbars-horizontal ?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 5,
Thanks makes sense now lol

Your telling it which you want, not the one you wish to remove :)
July 6,
its not useful for any one
September 21,
It is if you are implementing your own scroll bar say for ajax support this was for V1 grid
July 18,
is it possible? we could Retrive the value from Data base form instant of time and the progress bar of the Browser will not show its progress.
if it comes true . any brother Know the Solution Plz E-mail me . itszee@msn.com

Thanks in Advance

November 30,
Maybe you should use -html-scrollbars-horizontal ?
July 23,

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