Scroll Bar Flashes At Top Of Grid On Sort

Alex ... I am in the process of evaluating your tool. So far, I am very impressed. Congratulations.

I have, however, run across an interesting issue.

After loading the grid with JS Array data, (imbedding the grid in a <div> tag) each time I click the header to execute a sort, the horizontal scroll bar flashes above the header cells. This occurs regardless of whether the scroll bar is required to reveal all cells in the grid.

Have you seen this before?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this item
Frank H
September 22,
Perhaps I failed to provide sufficient information?

Browser: IE6
Hacked out the "window.status" command on sort.

Anybody seen this phenominon?
Frank H
September 23,

I encountered same kind of problems. It happens when the grid is in floating div. I didn't see it in IE.
What is your code for the div. What is the code for the page?
September 23,
Thanks for the reply. Glad to know that someone has seen this.

Too much code to paste here, however, I can share with you that I am retrieving the grid effectively then ...

1. Creating a table structure to contain the grid. This is done for GUI purposes.

2. Using .replace() to insert the grid into the table.

3. Using .innerHTML to effect the table containing the grid into the <div>.

May seem overly complex, but, if I use the grid, it has to work within the GUI and page generation methods already in place.

Thanks for your feedback on this.

Frank H
September 23,
Perhaps this will help as well?

Div tag ...

<DIV id='Layer1' style="position:absolute; top:25; width:100%; height:250; z-index:1;; visibility: visible">

Replacement method ...

var mypageokey = "Layer1";
var mypagecont = gridobject;

parent.MAIN.document.getElementById(mypageokey).innerHTML = mypagecont;

All pretty basic as you can see.

I see a lot of references to "refresh" in the forum. Is the sort a "refresh"?

Frank H
September 23,
A couple of other items associated with this issue.

1. All pages in the application I'm working with are 100% dynamic, so referring to the grid object as a page (source HTML or XML) is not an option as in ... <iframe src="../examples/grid/images.htm" frameborder="0" width="500" height="150"></iframe>

2. Flashing of scroll bar at top of header section also occurs when re-sizing columns to the point that the horizontal scroll bar is required by the grid.

Thanks any and all for you comments and assistance.
Frank H
September 23,
Shameless effort to move this issue back to the top of the list. I have to find out if this can be resolved or not.

Alex ... is there particular code that can be modified in the sort functions in grid.js that will correct this?

Please be advised that if I can get this corrected, we will purchase your license.

Thanks in advance.
Frank H
September 23,

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