ActiveWidgets 2.0 beta1 released!

Here is the download link:


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 2,
where do you want bugs reported?

nice work.
October 2,
Please report bugs (IE only!) as comments to this page:


For other browsers it makes sense to wait at least until beta2 (1-2 weeks).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 2,
Hi Alex,
very happy to see the ActiveWidgets 2.0 beta1 released.
i have update the homepage in activewidgets.cn with this news in-phase. i translate readme.htm in the package from English info Chinese.
Sage (ActiveWidgets)
October 3,
From the quick look that I have given it, I see that the Tree Grid '+' symbol no longer works. If you click it you don't get the expansion that you would expect. It did work in Alpha 4.
Jim Hunter
October 5,
oops, moved my 'comment' to the 'correct' place....
Jim Hunter
October 5,
I did want to say here that having the QuickRef folder with all the examples of what can be done is fantastic. I am able to quickly see what I can do, try it out with a sample object, and immediately see the results of my 'twiddling'. This is better then a manual! This is like a 'live manual'. I hope everyone sees this area and spends a lot of time playing with the widgets before posting too many questions that are answered in these excellent examples.

Job well done!
Jim Hunter
October 5,
I agree with Jim. So many complaints on this board about the "documentation". Nothing is better than robust sample code. Hopefully this appeases the hostiles.
October 6,
yeah we are all coders here so a good sample should be enough docs are for when a sample dosn't cover somthing. Then again that means a sample should be created ;)
October 6,
Hey Alex,
Whats the work around to prevent the sorting bug.

"I am using virtual mode and grid gets updated every 30 seconds or so,
I am using the csv as data src.
but grid updtation works fine unless i sort it, once sorted it doesn't work
Is this version has any solution for this ?"
October 10,

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