ActiveWidgets 3 early preview

ActiveWidgets 3.0 will be released before the end of the year and I have put online a small preview of the new code. No sources yet, just a small demo -


The key features of the coming version -

The complete set of controls, including menus, toolbars, panels, dialogs etc., basically it should have every component you need to build a typical CRUD application.

Layouts, docking, forms to assemble the components into functional application views.

Templates. Very fast, self-updating, and used from the bottom up to build the components themselves.

Define the whole UI in a JSON structure (i.e. constructor config) or use compact jQuery-like API with chaining, change events and automatic DOM sync.

Very fast datagrid with smooth 60fps scrolling (using GPU acceleration, new CSS3 stuff etc.)

IE8+ in standards mode

Running side-by-side with AW 2 (no conflicts when loaded on the same page).

I am expecting beta at the end of the summer - by that time the docs, tutorials and samples should be available. For now it is just a small demo, and I will be posting more during the next weeks.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 14,

I am very pleased you are continuing your work on this fine product and I know this question may be a little premature.

Will existing applications / code require a rewrite to run under v3 when released?

May 14,

That's great news.

The demo is very impressive - I'm looking forward to v3.

Thanks for all your efforts.

May 14,
June 5,
Please make sure to keep back compat
Otherwise would a show stopper for upgrade - too much code deployed in production ...
June 6,
Love it!!

Keep up the good work Alex... looking forward to seeing the end result..
Jez (True Track Software)
June 15,
Wow this is wonderful news. Keep up the good work!
June 19,
good work
July 11,
Hi Alex,

Any news on a release date for AW3 ??

I am very keen to see it...


Jez (True Track Software)
September 27,
Dear Alex,

Can you think of including following items :

1. Paging up/down in grid on key UP/Down movement with Ajax. It is expected that the data which is not seen in visible area of grid should not be fetched. It should be taken as and when PgUp/PgDn keys are entered.

2. Filter criteria on columns is missing compared to other products in the markets

3. Column order should be able to change and saved. It means column swapping or re-ordering.

4. Printing of Grid content with Print button is going to be very much useful

5. Active widget on mobile and tablets should be lighter component.

6. Do you have any plan for making it perform faster in Stock trading products where no of rows would be very high and needed very quick update.

7. Pagination should be another item that can be looked into

Ravindra Joshi
October 22,
Will AW3 support composite or embedded controls?
Anthony M.
November 17,
Yes, there will be composite controls in AW3. I am going to release the next preview version during the next week.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 19,
I Alex

we already have the release 2.0 and would like to migrate to 2.6.4
and then to 3.0

What do you suggest us, should we wait the new release 3.0 until the end of this year or going with 2.6.4 right now?

December 4,
I would suggest going with 2.6.4 right now. As for the new version 3.0 it is better to wait until it is fully stable, and this will take some time (definitely not there yet).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 8,

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