2.0 beta2 released



This release mostly fixes rendering problems in Mozilla/FF and Safari.

Adding/deleting rows, editing and validation are still missing, so expect beta3 soon...
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 8,
YEAH!!! I've been waiting for this! Thanks, Alex.

Joe Hudson
November 8,
Hmmm, tried the file I have been working on all day with Beta 2 and it breaks on defineTemplate. The built in objects that use defineTemplate work, but not my user created objects. Here is a simple example to show the problem:

AW.HTML.AAA = AW.System.Template.subclass();
AW.HTML.AAA.create = function()
   var obj = this.prototype;
   obj.defineTemplate("Test", new AW.HTML.DIV);
   obj.setContent("html", function()
      return this.getTestTemplate();
a = new AW.HTML.AAA;

This example works in Beta 1 but givesn an error in Beta 2.
Jim Hunter
November 8,
defineTemplate was moved from AW.System.Template to AW.System.Control. So if you are creating your own objects, you have to subclass from AW.System.Control now if you plan on defining your own internal templates in the object.
Jim Hunter
November 8,
thanks Jim Hunter.I am working on it.
November 8,
does b3 need one month or more time?
November 8,
Thanks for beta2. More questions I'm afraid......

Could you describe where Combo and Input have got to? From a quick glance I see that files /styles/common/combo.css and /styles/common/input.css are now populated compared to beta1, although also the comment "Combo box object is not completed yet" remains in file /quickref/combo.htm. I think it's been mentioned previously that Combo & Input would be "fixed" in beta2?

I had a quick go with a Combo where the number of items in the list was greater than the size of the dropdown box, hoping to see a scrollable dropdown box formed as a result - but this didn't seem to work.

Also there was quite a bit of discussion about Inputs and when the entered data is "set" (http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.7649.6/input-edit-box-bug.html). I wonder if there are any developments on this?

Many thanks
November 8,
I take that back, scrollbars in Combo object are there - great!

I was being a bit hasty - my apologies
November 8,
Still disappearing scrollbars when adding/removing elements from the grid in IE, I'm afraid.

November 8,
Small Mozilla bug?
I have tested quickref/grid.htm in Firefox.
I noticed that when i changed (drag) the width on column "Ticker" the text "Ticker" disappered to left...
(in IE it works perfect)
November 9,
Another small observation (I believe this is the same for v2 beta1 and beta2 in fact)...

When a link object (i.e. new AW.UI.Link) is used in a grid, in FF, the cursor does not change to a "hand" when the mouse moves over the link. It does in change to a hand using IE. I don't think the action of the link is affected, just its appearance.

November 9,

The post you made showing the things that were changed from Beta 1 to Beta 2 was great. I think that if you also made a post that lets us know about the bugs that you are aware of and that you are working on. Nothing elaborate, just a quick list of the know anomolies. This might reduce the number of posts that are made and make it easier to keep up with them.

Just a thought...
Jim Hunter
November 9,
Column resizing -
Hey Alex, I was working on another post for which I was hoping to get a reply from you, but didn't get one. I am using the grid on a page with lots of other html on it, and when I try to resize the columns, it works real funky. I have to move the mouse up and down or page up and down to get all the rows in the column to resize. If I put the grid on a page without other html, it works fine. Are you aware of this issue?
Any plans or ideas on how to fix it?? I would prefer not to use iframes if possible, but the grid seems to get a little confused when it is embedded within a multi-table structure on a page.
Jim Shaffer
November 9,
combo not change image


obj.onCurrentItemChanged = function(i){
var text = this.getItemText(i);

// add two line
var image = this.getItemImage(i);

November 12,

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