Active Content Blocked in IE 6.0 sp2

When i try to open one of the example files the IE does not display the grid but gives a warning that

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options..."

How to avoid this problem. Unless i allow the content it does not show the grid.
September 13,
Thats a new "feature" of IE that makes running any type of file locally very annoying, especially if it renders something in real time.

I *think* you can just set your security settings to the lowest it would go and hope it works. Otherwise, I'd suggest installing IIS and then accessing the files via your localhost.
September 14,
There is a setting in the Advanced tab to allow active content from local files. Just set it to allow it. Don't you just love M$! You do an upgrade and every time you do, you can do less with your system then before the upgrade. I just installed SP2 and now I find that I can't Remote Desktop into that computer like I was able to before the upgrade. Argh!!!!!
Jim Hunter
September 14,
Hi, Jim,
you answer resolved my headache about the block msg when open xml files locally.
for remote desktop, maybe the firewall settings changed?
January 18,
Hi Jim,
thx for the answer that i was looking for for over 2 days now ... the net is large and wide and has a lot of answers that don't fix the problem ... but now i'm a happy camper no happy user back in old switzerland, who was reliefed from that *%"!! .... *smile*
May 2,

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