AW takes three clicks to active link in grid.

Hello all,

We're using v. 1.0.2, and our grid contains mostly links. In IE, the links work exactly as expected, but in Firefox 1.5, you have to click on the link three times in order for Firefox get the message.

The 1st time, the contents of the cell disappears.
The 2nd time, the contents reappear, and the entire grid is outlined in a single-pixel blue border.
The 3rd time, the link goes through without any further complaints.

This only occurs in Firefox 1.5x (Firefox 1.0.7 and IE are both fine).

Can anyone help with this? It's a showstopper for us....
Brian Kreulen
April 14,

I have tried using Active.Templates.Link and just injecting <a> tags into normal cells but I cannot reproduce this (on FF 1.5.0).

Can you make an example?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 17,
We don't directly use Active.Templates.Link objects. Here's what we do:

// All this javascript is dynamically generated
var colOrder = [0,2,1,3,4];
var gridData = [
[ "<a href=\"http://blahblah\">Some link here</a>", "Other data"],
[ "<a href=\"http://blahblah2\">Another link here</a>", "More data"],
etc, etc

var myGrid = new Active.Controls.Grid;

// The following method permits us to dynamically change the order
// of columns, based on the array colOrder
myGrid.setDataText(function(i, j){
return myData[i][colOrder[j]];

var row = new Active.Templates.Row;
var alternate = function() {
return this.getProperty("row/order") % 2 ?
"white" :
row.setStyle("background", alternate);
myGrid.setTemplate("row", row);
myGrid.setStyle("font-size", "10pt");
myGrid.setStyle("font-family", "Arial, Verdana, sans-serif");

// "sort" is a javascript function which handles calls an AJAX
// link to dynamically handle sorting
try {
myGrid.setAction("columnSort", sort);
} catch (error) {}


Thanks for any help.....
Brian Kreulen
April 26,
April 28,

I cannot replicate this problem. Could it be related to other scripts on your page? If you put your code into the clean page - do you still see the same?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 28,

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