how to get it working in asp.net

please can any one tell me how to work it in asp.net
and when to use this .
is we can actually implement the same in asp.net whats the adv and is there any time adv.
August 21,
asp.net = server side
activewidgets = client side

whenever you hit the "sort by" column thing on ASP.NET, the actual page gets reloaded (a server side call is made) to do that. (as far as I know)

with this, it sorts the column without having to go back to the server (aka client side)

not sure how you would make this work in asp.net though. Hope I helped a tad
August 21,
It can be made working in asp.net.
Create your own class inheritated from control class
and override the render method. There in you can pass the activewidgets control to the writer class .
And sure it will work.
September 6,

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