table.request() how to get loading please wait to display again

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I use table.request() to load data from a CSV file into the grid. Works nice, I then have the same request go through and data re-loaded to the grid, but the 2nd time around, it doesn't display "loading please wait" any suggestions on how I could get that to work?
February 24,
Plus, how can I call this custom-made?

For instance, if I sort on a big recordset that might take 2-10 seconds, how can I replace the screen temporarily with "Sorting please wait" ?
February 24,
February 2,
wtf? Who bumped this...
February 2,
This time it's you :-)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 2,
Actually, this feature ('Loading ...' message) will not be in 2.0 - I will put it back after 2.0, lets say 2.0.1 or 2.1...
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 2,
Sorry to see this feature go. :-( Thought it was very valuable, especially how one could set their own custom message.
Sam S.
February 2,
Me too. Sorry to see it go. I have some very large XML datasets and it would be great to display the loading progress.

Oh well ... I can wait (grin).
February 27,
I agree, a loading message is necessary
no workaround or dates for 2.0.1 or 2.1 ?

March 2,
If you are using 2.x, the easiest thing to do is define a AW.UI.Label, place it somewhere on the page (mine is on the upper right hand of the grid). Just before I call the table.request, I do:
label.setControlText("Reloading data...");
Then I define a table.response section and change the label:
Lorenzo C.
March 6,

Got a code example of this?

I have some very large data sets that is taking a bit of time to load. If I could implement what you wrote, it would be GREAT for the end users (that currently have no clue something is actually happening).

Thanks ...
April 10,

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