AW "bleed through"...

Hey AW mavens!

Has anyone had any problems with other JavaScript items "bleeding through" the AW grid?

We have a third party Javascript menu function and it works fine, except in FireFox it "bleeds through" the AW grid. Also, it only happens once the AW grid has been clicked on with the mouse. Until then it "stays on top".

For a visual, look at a screen snap of it at:


Does anyone have any ideas what this is about? (Sorry if this seems like a basic question to those of you who know this better than I...)
John Kiernan
August 9,
I have seen that it's just a z-index issue try placing the menu code after the aw since the divs will be higher in the z-index and it should fix it if not apply a div around the menu and change it's z-index until it looks correct
August 9,
Thanks! That was it!

AW is (are?) great!

- John Kiernan
John Kiernan
August 10,

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