AW Grid 1.0.2 and IE8: grid row only selectable if it contains text

Hello Everybody,

I have an old site using the AW 1.0.2 grid component.

In IE8 there is a problem in row selection: rows are only selected if the mouse click occurs on the cells text.

Clicking on empty cells or on the cells area without text nothing happens.

It would be great if anyone has a patch for this problem.
March 23,
me too!
April 1,
We use AW Version 2.0.x and have the same problem with IE8. Any suggestions would be appreciated?
April 3,
For AW Grid 1.0.2 the following CSS rule which should be places AFTER grid.css is loaded solves the problem:

.active-scroll-bars {

For some reason the div which is used as the scroll area receives the click event instead of the cell div.
April 21,
Thanks a lot!
April 28,
thanks a million times!
August 3,

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